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Our specialty is identifying and procuring elite, English-speaking, global IT professionals, ensuring they align perfectly with your company’s technology requirements.

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Pay Per Hire - 15%

At EliteBase, we prioritize successful placements. Our fee, calculated as a percentage of the new hire’s annual salary, is payable in monthly installments over 6 months, in line with our guarantee period. Should the candidate leave or be dismissed within this timeframe, we’ll waive any unpaid installments and promptly source a new, qualified candidate for you, ensuring both financial flexibility and a commitment to quality in our recruitment services.

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EliteBase's core focus

Infrastructure & Networking

1. Network Engineers
2. Cloud Engineers
3. Systems Administrator
4. Database Administrators

Enterprise Solutions

1. Dynamics 365 Experts
2. ERP Specialists
3. CRM Specialists
4. Power Platform Specialists


1. Cybersecurity Analysts/Engineers
2. Penetration Testers
3. Security Architects
4. Incident Responders

Storage & Data Management

1. Data Engineers
2. Data Center Engineers
3. Storage Engineers
4. Database Administrators


1. Virtualization Engineers
2. Virtualization Architects
3. VDI Specialists
4. Virtualization Systems Administrators

IT Support & Operations

1. IT support technicians
2. IT Operations Managers
3. Service Desk Analysts/Engineers
4. IT Project Engineers

Business Intelligence & Analytics

1. BI Developers/Analysts
2. Data Analytics Specialist
3. Data Scientists
4. Data Warehouse Specialists

Cloud Computing

1. Cloud Architects
2. Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
3. Cloud Security Specialists
4. Cloud Consultants

DevOps & Automation

1. DevOps Engineers
2. Infrastructure as Code Specialists (IaC)
3. Site Reliability Engineers
4. CI/CD Pipeline Engineers

About us

At EliteBase, we excel in bridging the gap between outstanding senior IT talent and forward-thinking businesses around the globe. As a dedicated headhunting firm and global tech recruiters, we have honed our skills in identifying, attracting, and securing the very best in the IT sector.

We believe that the right talent has the power to transform businesses and shape industries. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to connecting top-tier, English-speaking senior IT professionals with organizations that value their unique expertise and potential.

Our approach is based on understanding, not only the technical requirements of a role, but also the importance of cultural and strategic fit. This ensures that we match businesses with candidates who align with their vision, mission, and values, fostering an environment of mutual success and growth.
Handpicked Talent

Handpicked Talent

Our rigorous screening process ensures that only the most qualified IT talent make it to your shortlist, saving you time and effort.

Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit

We understand the importance of finding a senior IT professional who aligns with your company’s culture and values. Our matchmaking approach considers cultural fit alongside technical skills.

Cost-Effective Solution

Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring global senior IT talent offers a cost-effective alternative without compromising on talent quality. Benefit from competitive rates and a talented pool of professionals.

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Only quality tech talent

At EliteHunt, we are committed to delivering exceptional talent for your development needs. We understand that finding top-tier tech talent is crucial to the success of your projects and startups. That’s why we meticulously handpick and curate a pool of only the highest-quality tech talent around the globe.

Best Community

At Elite Hunt, we pride ourselves on fostering the best developer community in Latin America. We believe that a strong community is the foundation for growth and innovation. By connecting with us, you gain access to a network of talented developers who are not only highly skilled but also collaborative, supportive, and passionate about their craft. Join our community and unlock opportunities for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and professional growth. Together, we can elevate the tech industry and create a vibrant ecosystem where developers thrive and make a lasting impact.

Some of the Tech Stacks We Hire For

At EliteHunt, we hire remote software developers for a wide range of tech stacks. We can surely find the right fit for you!
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